Jean Shelton, Ph.D. is a founding partner at Verdant Associates. She has extensive experience analyzing impacts of DERs and she contributed to the development of Verdant’s energy resource cost-effectiveness model that has been used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of biogas generation, customer sited solar, and behind the meter storage technologies. Multiple evaluations of behind-the-meter solar in California have led to a deep understanding of the evolving residential solar market and the change in customer energy usage following the installation of solar. While not analyzing DER impacts or cost-effectiveness, she has led research studies of measure saturations and market share for multiple utilities across the US and modeled energy efficiency potential.

Jean’s Economics Ph.D. is from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in econometrics and public policy. Prior to co-founding Verdant she was a Director in Itron’s Consulting and Analysis practice. Jean lives in San Diego and tries to spend her free time outside. When she’s not building economic models you can find her walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean or hiking in the local mountains.

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